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Cereglio stands on the main road going uphill from Vergato to Zocca, after a series of wide turns, in a wide alpine valley surrounded by mountains that reach the horizon.

Located at 700 meters above sea level, 42 km from Bologna and 11 from Vergato, protected from the rigors of the North and therefore with a mild climate even in winter; Cereglio, is a very popular resort for the surrounding woods and for the ozone rich pure air.

Legend has it that the name Cereglio comes from Ceres, the Roman goddess of the harvest, and from Helios (which in Greek means “Sun”), and this etymology would relate to particular soil fertility and the land’s fortunate exposure.

“Cerelia” spring, with its healing waters which made the town well known since time immemorial, is embedded in this frame of natural beauty. It can be reached through another valley surrounded by century old chestnut trees that invite you to “sweet, clear and fresh waters of the spring whose peculiar healing virtues were known since the times of the Roman empire.

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